What Determines Skin Type

Simple Genetics – The biggest one is your genes, which decide how dry/oily or sensitive your skin will be. And, you might inherit your skin type or issues from dear ol’ Mom and Dad.
Climate – Relocating to a new environment can change your skin type, sometimes for the better!
Hormones – Our hormones fluctuate at different times in our lives – including pregnancy – which can affect our skin’s behavior.
Medications – Your Rx might cause your skin to become drier or more sensitive as a side effect.
Diet/Allergies – Your daily noshes can definitely affect your skin for better or for worse. Talk to your doc if you think a food allergy might be the source of your skin woes.
Skin Care – As I mentioned, using the wrong formula can throw off your skin’s balance. Let’s get you on the right course for your best skin!

If you misdiagnose your skin type and use the wrong products, it can aggravate skin and lead to irritation, excess oil, breakouts or drying out skin which can make wrinkles more apparent.

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